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The coaching process is essentially a willing and conscious identity dissolution. What that means is you paying exquisite attention to an area of your life in order to create new experiences for yourself. Through that process of dissolution you transform yourself, the perception of yourself and how you approach the world and others.

Whilst the Practice tier is geared towards handling the present time and its daily challenges, the Coaching tier is geared towards digesting and integrating the past. That is, identifying and embodying the learnings from past experiences to fuel the creation of new ones. Hence, in this tier, practices are geared towards dissolving blocks preventing you from creating the future experiences you want.

The Coaching tier is available in blocks of three month periods (13 weeks) where one-hour-long sessions occur once a week (REGULAR). Alternatively, sessions can occur every other week so that six sessions are distributed over three months (LITE).

The topics I specialise in are: compulsion, obsession with men, happiness and fulfilment, ritual and the feminine, power, self-love, magic & intuition and relationships (romantic or not). If you have any questions about what other topics I can coach or you are not sure whether we are a good fit for working together, message me to book an assessment.

Due to the nature and intensity of this Coaching tier, people interested in working with me for the FIRST TIME should already have a solid set of practices. If you don't have that, check out my signature product: the Practice tier.

Single one-hour sessions are ONLY for people who have worked with me in the past and want to have an update session or address an arising topic.

You can find more information about what practice is here and the Coaching tier here.

Paying in installments is available on request for both the REGULAR and LITE options (£1400/£700 per month). Payment in Euros and American Dollars is also available on request.

Do contact me to book an assessment BEFORE you purchase this product.