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Whilst the Practice tier has a strong focus in digesting and integrating the present challenges and the Coaching tier focuses in digesting and integrating past experiences, the Mentoring tier has a strong focus in crafting the BECOMING.

In the Mentoring tier the teachings from the past are harnessed together with the present situations, so that the vision of what wants to be created can rise. The aim is to turn all that information (past, present, vision) into fuel, raw material that attention transforms into a new experience of reality which becomes available for everyone, not only the person who is been mentored. In short, this tier is about learning to be the source of creation.

Due to the nature and intensity of Mentoring, people interested in working with me for the FIRST TIME should already have a solid awareness practice and consistent work integrating past experiences.

One of the shapes the Mentoring tier can take is identical to the Coaching tier (that is weekly/biweekly sessions for three months). However, that is not the only form it can take. The assessment prior to starting the work is used to determine how we work together in this tier.

Single one-hour sessions are ONLY for people who have worked with me in the past and want to have an update session or address an arising topic.

You can find more information about the Mentoring tier here.

Paying in installments is available on request for both the REGULAR and LITE options (£1400/£700 per month). Payment in Euros and American Dollars is also available on request.

Do contact me to book an assessment BEFORE you purchase this product.